Attraxxion on Sale for 99 cents!

ON SALE for a limited time! Get the full version of Attraxxion for only 99 cents! 

How GREAT is this deal? 

A matinee viewing of a newly released film = 90 minutes of fun for $9.00 (no snacks). 

A soft drink from a vending machine = 12 minutes of satisfaction for $1.75. 

The latest edition of your local newspaper = 1 hour of frustration for $2.00.

Attraxxion dishes out hours and hours of FUN, SATISFACTION, and FRUSTRATION all for less than $1.00!

Get your copy today!

Learn more about Attraxxion for iOS >


Porting iOS Apps to the Web

Apportable, a SF-based company founded by Collin Jackson, is porting iOS apps to the web.  Specifically, they're bringing cocos2d games to new audiences by making them work with all major platforms - Windows, Mac, Linux - running in a browser.  We're super excited to see how well Attraxxion has made the transition.  Learn more by visiting, or


Cha-CHING! Congratulations Contest Winners!

Congratulations and Happy New Year to all winners of the Attraxxion 1.5 Facebook Giveaway!  Each winner received a FREE promotional copy of the gravity action puzzle game Attraxxion for iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad).  In addition, the Grand Prize winner received a $50 iTunes Gift Card!  Give them all a warm round of applause:

Grand Prize Winner : Nycole Klein

Runners-up: NS Pearl, Karen Gonyea, Karen Jackson Porter, Dan Hildreth, Gerilee Kish

To become eligible, each entrant simply became a fan of Runaway Creations on Facebook and filled out our sweepstakes form.  While this contest is over, you can still hop over and become a fan, which will make you eligible for any future Facebook contests.


Attraxxion v1.5 Released!

The latest version of the Attraxxion saga has been released on iTunes, in both the Lite and Full versions!

What's new? 

  • Chapter 3 released!  Whole new boss battle!
  • A new game play element has been added for Chapter 3 that ups the challenge dramatically!
  • Game Center Integration - Compete against your friends on the leader board and show off your achievements!
  • A new scoring mechanism so you can see your score at the end of a level now!
  • And a new app icon! 

You can read the official press release for Attraxxion v1.5 here.

Thanks again to all of our friends and family who help us out and push us forward to make our dream real.



2011 Global Game Jam Comes to Syracuse

This year the IGDA Global Game Jam comes to Syracuse, NY.  The main goal of Global Game Jam is to bring people together to create digital and non-digital games during a weekend long event. It's an intense 3-day session (Jan. 28-30, 2011) being held at Syracuse University, literally running all day and night, allowing participants to be fully immersed in the experience of designing, prototyping and developing games.

The best part of this year's event?  I'll be there.  I look forward to working with students, designers, developers, and game enthusiasts from around the country (world?).

If you'd like to know more about the Syracuse event and register to participate, check out their site: 

For more information on the Global Game Jam and past events, take some time and dig into: